The Worst day part 2

As I was finishing final preparations for my bug out bag a soft knock came from my door. With extreme caution and hatchet in hand I walked slowly toward the door. I unlocked the door and was about to turn the handle when Emily burst through and we crashed to the ground in a heap.
“I was just about to head over to your place to get you” I said as calmly as possible.
“Two hours ago I woke to the sound of police sirens outside my apartment, and when I went to check what was going on I almost got attacked by one of those things! I didn’t feel safe so I headed here thinking you might know what to do.”
“Why didn’t you use the key to my door that I gave to you?”
“I forgot that you had given me a key, and was too frightened to think about anything other than making it here alive.”
“Well, I’m just really glad that you’re all in one piece. Oh, do you have any clothes or anything you need before we leave?
“Where could we possibly be going with all those THINGS out there.

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The Worst day part 1

I awoke with a cold sweat and sense of wrongness in my gut. As soon as I had some blue jeans and a t-shirt on I realized what it was that had been giving me such a bad feeling; There are normal city sounds that over a period of about 2 years my body has gotten used to hearing, but those sounds weren’t the same today. I slowly walked over to the window overlooking downtown Massachusetts Street. What I was seeing was almost unbelievable. Down on the streets there were people running around in mass confusion, others were walking around as if in some sort of a daze. The cars on the street had either collided with each other or had just been left unmoving with their doors ajar. I opened my window and the overpowering stench of blood assaulted my nostrils. The stench made me lose whatever I currently had in my stomach and I vomited through the window onto the sidewalk below.

After having extricated myself from the window, I picked up my phone and started to dial. Instead of dialing the three-digit number for 911, my hand had dialed another number. As I’m listening to the phone ringing, my mind keeps wandering back to the scene outside. I snap back to reality when I realize that the phone has stopped ringing. The first thing that I hear through the phone is “Ughhhhh” followed by the unexpected voice of Ludwig Rex.

“What the fuck did you wake me for you prick?”

“Something major has happened. Get out of your bed and go to your window and tell me what you see.”

“What the hell are you….. Fucking hell…”

“Yeah, it looks like the shit hit the fan.”

“I need to get some things packed, because I’m not going to stick around here with it like this.”

“Yeah, I should probably do the same thing, but before that I need to call Emily and tell her what’s going on. Meet me at the warehouse in about 8 hours time.”

“Why the warehouse? There’s nothing in there except for a bunch of our old junk, and maybe a few rifles.”

“Just listen to what I say and meet me there in 8 hours time.”

“Fine, whatever.” click.

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The Radio

I lay on the cold concrete flooring reminiscing about what it used to be before the outbreak. The old World War II two-way radio I “found” in a museum started crackling. Before I heard my name being called I already knew who it was. Emily. She kept repeating my name, each time getting more agitated. Finally after a few minutes of ignoring her purposefully, I picked up the transceiver and pushed the button to talk.

“Sorry, I must have dozed off.”

“What the hell is wrong with you? You do realize the dead are walking around, or have you been dozing through the past few months?”

“Well excuse me for napping after basically running five miles.”

Silence filled the air. It was her way of telling me now was not the time. Emily was a warrior at heart, yet sometimes she could be overbearing. The outbreak changed her. Hell, it changed everyone. We never argued like this before the damn outbreak.

“At least you’re okay. What were you doing anyways that required you to run that far?”

“I was looking for a vehicle to help out with our transportation issue when I ran into a problem.”

“You could have gotten yourself killed” she says calmly. I’ve realized that when she is deathly calm it’s best not to piss her off because she might just kill you in a more gruesome manner than the walking dead. She’s the only female in the entire household, but everybody knows that if I even catch them looking at her the wrong way I’ll break their fingers. Emily and I have been in a relationship since before this whole “apocalypse” occurred.

“Well,” i say ,” at least i got all the way to the abandoned warehouse in one piece, and without getting bitten.”

“You still shouldn’t have risked it, you know what happens if they catch you out in the open. They have this odd habit of showing up when least expected, and you know that better than the rest of us. Whenever you do something you have an odd habit of making sure that none are around, but then you start to do whatever it is you’re doing, and TA-DA, those fuckers show up.”

“I guess you could say that i have an “attractive” personality!”

“That shit ain’t funny anymore, Marcus.” Emily says matter-of-factly.

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Running down the street with the sound of my heart beating furiously in my ears. The adrenaline is pumping through my veins like a water faucet turned all the way on. I’m running not because I want to, but because if I don’t death, or worse will be upon me in mere seconds. Reaching around in my pocket I pull out my radio and try to get somebody to answer on the frequency that we’ve designated as emergency only. No answer, damn. This time I try a different frequency of the next person that comes to mind. Damn, even they didn’t answer. I think about what I should do next, and remember that there’s an abandoned warehouse a few blocks away. That’s where I decide to go.

Upon approaching the warehouse I chance a look behind me, and what I see is neither good or bad. Turning back to my running I curse under my breath. I have realized that making it to safety on time might be an unrealistic possibility at this point. The only thing that might give me a small glimmer of hope is pushing my legs to go faster. At this point in time my legs feel like hot molten lead, but I’m sure that if I slow down any death will surely claim me.

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